Final report on pesticide authorisation published by European Parliament’s Special Committee

After nine months of work in the EU Parliament’s Special Committee on pesticide authorisation in the European Union (PEST committee), a final report was adopted by a large majority in the plenary on the 16 January 2019.

The report calls for a more transparent, independent and scientifically sound assessment of plant protection products. It will feed into the evaluation of the European pesticide authorisation system (REFIT Evaluation) which is currently performed by the European Commission and expected to be finalised in the first half of 2019.

The organic movement welcomes the fact that the report acknowledges the difficult situation for products of natural origin, such as biological substances used in organic farming. Especially the point that data requirements are made for synthetic substances and the need for an adapted authorisation and registration process is very welcomed. Furthermore, the need to research alternatives for plant protection products, including non-chemical methods and the research of agroecological farming methods was mentioned as essential future strategy.

The PEST Committee was established in February 2018 following the controversaries of the re-approval of Glyphosate. IFOAM EU actively followed the Committees work and had several exchanges with its members.

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