Not all heroes wear capes

Did you ever wonder how important the work of organic farmers is in protecting us and the environment we live in? The wide range of techniques used in sustainable farming meets society’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy healthy food, safe water resources or fertile soils. 

Watch the GoodFood4All campaign’s most recent video to see a few of the practices used in organic agriculture that help protect our planet.

Organic farmers are working with nature to grow food in healthy soils by avoiding the use of chemicals that deteriorate the delicate ecosystem. In this way, this practice encourages wildlife growth, with organic farms being home to 30% more species than conventional farms. By using compost wisely, organic farmers are also preserving aquatic ecosystems by keeping them safe from chemical runoff which contaminates oceans, rivers and lakes.

Check the video, available in 12 other languages on IFOAM - Organics International’s YouTube channel!


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