Organic seed: How the organic regulation can increase production & use and why farmers use organic seed

In the LIVESEED booklet ‘How to implement the organic regulation to increase production & use of organic seed’, you find best practice policy measures, information on organic seed databases, and alternative sources of organic seed. Practical examples from various EU countries help illustrate how the organic regulation, and measures to increase organic seed production and use have been successfully implemented.

In two new LIVESEED videos farmers from different EU Member States explain why they use organic seed. These videos motivate more farmers to use organic seed and show other stakeholders how important it is that organic seed is available for organic farmers. The videos were produced by LIVESEED Partners ÖMKi, IFOAM EU, BIONEXT and UPV.

Watch the videos:



The booklet was edited by RSR, IFOAM EU and FiBL-CH and written by Alexandra Fuss (IFOAM EU), Maaike Raaijmakers (Bionext), Freya Schäfer, Xenia Gatzert & Katharina Brühl (FiBL-DE), Matteo Petitti & Riccardo Bocci (RSR), Tina Kovács (ÖMKI) & Tove Mariegaard Pedersen (SEGES). RSR coordinated the booklet editorial and production process. The booklet is available on the IFOAM EU website and on the LIVESEED website. The videos were were produced by LIVESEED Partners ÖMKi, IFOAM EU, BIONEXT and UPV.



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