Biggest tractor demonstration at German Green Week

On 19 January more than 35.000 people marched in front of Berlin’s Brandenburger Gate under the motto “Wir haben es satt”, or “We are fed up”. Demonstrators braved the cold to demand from the German Agricultural Minister and the EU for a reformed Common Agricultral Policy (CAP) that is good for farmers, animals and the planet. The march was organised during Berlin’s Green Week, a high-level yearly event that brings together agricultural ministers and business leaders from across the world to discuss food and farming.

Organic farmers were well represented in the march, coming from across Germany and gathering a record-breaking 171 tractors at the heart of Berlin.  Together with civil society organisations they have asked for a CAP that stops support for factory farming and instead uses this public money to encourage farmers to protect biodiversity, regenerate the environment and support rural communities.

In addition to its advocacy work in Brussels, IFOAM EU supports mass mobilisation on CAP under the platform

Protestors during the ‘Wir haben es satt’ demonstration in Berlin on 19 January 2019. Picture credit: Jörg Farys

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