Work speeds up on the post-2020 CAP revision

The EU co-legislators continue to work on the CAP revision for the 2021-27 programming period, stepping up the pace ahead of the upcoming European elections.

The European Parliament appears to be moving faster on the main CAP Strategic Plans file within the two key Committees in charge: Agriculture and Environment. Following the deadlines for amendments of last December when thousands of changes were proposed by parliamentarians, the lead Rapporteur and Shadow MEPs have been meeting weekly to find compromises on the proposed changes to the Commission’s proposal. It is expected that the Environment Committee will vote on the dossier on 14 February and the Agriculture Committee in early March. A vote on CAP by the whole Parliament in plenary would be possible by April, although this remains unlikely. Following the May elections and the appointment of MEPs to Committees, it is expected that work on the CAP will resume after the summer break. The new Parliament can decide to either continue where the current legislature left off on CAP, take parts of work or start from scratch.

The Council of the EU is advancing on the file and the Romanian presidency hopes to have a provisional agreement among Member States by the end of its presidency in June 2019. The Finish presidency taking place during the 2nd half of 2019 is expected find a final agreement in Council on outstanding CAP provisions as well as on the EU budget.

It is likely that CAP negotiations between Council and Parliament will be ongoing at the end of 2019 and continue into 2020. IFOAM EU will continue to follow the CAP negotiations and advocate for a policy focused on rewarding farmers for the delivery of public goods.

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