Are you working in farming / certification? Have your say in our questionnaire about anthelmintics before March 15 in English, German, French or Spanish.

Scotland’s Rural College is working together with the Soil Association, IFOAM EU and other partners in the EU H2020 project RELACS. The aim of the project is to replace contentious inputs in organic farming systems, including finding cost efficient and environmentally safe alternatives to antimicrobials and anthelmintics. This will only help in providing low-input solutions for organic producers, and in improving disease control methods in livestock. This first step is to conduct a European-wide survey to gain an overview on the current use and need for anthelmintics in organic farming. The survey is now also available in German, French and Spanish

We are interested in hearing from farmers and certification bodies. Completing the survey should only take a couple of minutes. The deadline to fill in the survey is 15 March 2019. The results of the survey will advance our understanding of the extent to which these inputs are currently used in organic system and will provide a reference measure for reduction actions. Thanks for your participation.

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