Beyond the CAP: what does a Common Food Policy look like according to IPES-Food?

“A common food policy for Europe is urgently required to address climate change, halt biodiversity loss, curb obesity, and make farming viable for the next generation”. This was the key message of a press statement released on the 7th of February 2019 by IPES-Food to launch their vision and report on a common food policy at EU level (full report available here).

The vision for a common food policy is the result of a three-year process of research led by the International Panel of Sustainable Food Systems or IPES-Food and its co-chair, Olivier de Schutter, former UN special rapporteur on the right to food. IFOAM EU has contributed to this vision along with about 400 other stakeholders, ranging from scientists to farmers and civil society activists.

The report puts forward 80 concrete proposals divided between short-, medium- and long-term reforms. Proposals include a new governance structure to break down policy silos, e.g. by creating a food intergroup in the European Parliament, as well as introducing an EU-wide ‘agroecology premium’ as a new rationale for CAP payments.

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