Welcoming our new colleague: Verena Mitschke

In the beginning of January, Verena joined IFOAM EU and its communication unit as the new Communications Coordinator. She had initially started working for IFOAM EU as an EVS in the projects and fundraising unit in June 2018, which had further fuelled her interest in organic agriculture and led her to stay with IFOAM EU. Verena is a German native, holding a Master’s degree in International Development Studies from Wageningen University (Netherlands) and a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Development from Bayreuth University (Germany). During her studies, she mainly focused on rural development, resource management and climate change, which brought her to Tanzania, where she conducted field research on sustainable ways of farming. Furthermore, she interned for a project initiated by the German Society for International Cooperation in Uganda that promotes sustainable access to modern energy services in rural areas. Her professional background, her volunteering experience in a German refugee centre and her stays abroad strengthened her intercultural, communication as well as project management skills. Verena’s motivation to join IFOAM EU stems from both, her passion for as well as professional interest in sustainable livelihoods and organic agriculture.

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