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The European Commission is currently reviewing the Water Framework Directive (WFD) which is the key instrument to protect water bodies like rivers, lakes and ground water. Since the ambitious legislation has been adopted in 2000, it has contributed substantially to the improvement of European water bodies. Therefore, IFOAM EU supports the Protect Water campaign which was initiated by a broad coalition of NGOs to maintain the high level of environment protection and to defend a strong policy on water in the EU.

It's no secret that the agri-food sector contributes to a large share of water consumption and contamination. However, organic production improves the quality of water bodies, by implementing sustainable water management. This ranges from the use of agronomic practices such as crop rotations, and cover crops - shown to reduce nutrient leaching and run-off into water bodies. Moreover, a strong emphasis on soil structure and increased humus quality makes organic production well placed to enhance water-holding capacity, resulting in an increased resilience to extreme climate events such as heavy rainfall and droughts.

If you want to support the Protect Water campaign, take one minute and fill in the form. Visit the IFOAM EU website for more information about the role of organic agriculture in sustainable water management.


                                         Picture credit: Seppo Leinonen

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