Sustainable consumption and production: main message of the European Parliament election campaign

The elections for a new European Parliament will take place at the end of May this year, opening up the floor to a potentially very new European political landscape. In this context, the Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO) in Brussels together with IFOAM EU and other NGOs will spread important messages about sustainable consumption and production, hoping that the next Parliament and the next Commission will take the urgency to deal with these issues on board.

In the context of this campaign, Eduardo Cuoco, Director of IFOAM EU, says “The European Parliament elections are an important moment to raise awareness to incoming Members of the European Parliament about the urgency of promoting sustainable agroecological and organic production and consumption practices”.  He added that “the European organic movement particularly advocates for a reformed Common Agricultural Policy that rewards and incentivizes the environmental and socio-economic outcomes delivered by farmers”. In this context, he also stressed the need for a true cost accounting framework that helps reward practices that deliver public benefits together with the previously mentioned reformed Common Agricultural Policy.

One element of this campaign is the publication of a special edition of the (fictitious) newspaper “the fair times”, which focuses on all the achievements in terms of sustainable consumption and production that the EU has achieved by 2024.

Should you want to get involved and know how you can participate at the national level, do not hesitate to contact us at [at] ( [at]!

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