New Report of the EU Court of Auditors on organic published

On 14 March, the European Court of Auditors published a report on the organic control system. This report is a follow up to the 2012 report on the same issue. According to Auditors the organic control system in the EU has improved. Namely, the Commission and the Member States addressed recommendations from the 2012 report. However, according to Auditors, some challenges still remain.

Controls on organic production and trading are stricter and more frequent than those on the non-organic counterparts. 100% of organic operators is inspected at least once a year (often more) by control bodies and authorities. A good control system is already in place and a continuous improvement process should always be part of the systems.

Among the challenges are some remaining weaknesses in the Member States’ control system and reporting. Specific improvements are possible in the supervision of imports and on traceability. The report gives very clear recommendations for improvement to the Commission, with a tight deadline.

With the continued growth of the organic market at a fast pace, keeping the integrity of the organic supply chain is a challenge. IFOAM EU trusts that the Commission, the Member States, the Accreditation Bodies, the Control Bodies and Authorities and organic operators will work together to answer to this challenge.

To facilitate cooperation, IFOAM EU is establishing an internal ‘Interest Group on Organic Certification and Integrity’. This group will consist of control actors and organic operators that will exchange and work together on how further improve the organic control system.

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