Open letter to Members of the European Parliament’s AGRI Committee on supporting organic farming in the CAP vote on 2 April 2019

Dear AGRI Committee Members and Substitutes,

I contact you from IFOAM EU, Europe’s organic food and farming federation, concerning the CAP Strategic Plans Regulation vote in the AGRI Committee on the 2nd of April. I would like to bring to your attention as the organic farmers’ main recommendation the importance to support the stand-alone amendment 1797, or a similar formulation under amendments 1795 and 1796.

Amendment 1797 proposes to create a new Article 13a dedicated to organic farming, requiring Member States during the design phase of their CAP Strategic Plans to assess the progress of their national organic sector, their level of consumer demand and to propose a coherent strategy using CAP instruments to support the sector. Organic farmers see this addition as an essential provision to steer national markets towards consumer preferences, where in many countries organic demand is outstripping production. It would also give farmers the assurance over the stability and predictability of national support frameworks for organic. Moreover, it respects the principle of subsidiarity, giving full flexibility to Member States on how they choose to implement it.

The ENVI Committee adopted amendment 71 last month, which has very similar wording to the three AGRI amendments mentioned above. We encourage you to send a clear message in support of the organic sector by supporting the adoption in the AGRI Committee vote of amendment 1797. If you have questions concerning this or another aspect of the CAP revision, do not hesitate to send an email to: nicolas.delavega [at]

The organic food and farming movement, widely supported by European consumers and citizens, is committed to do its part to achieve the new CAP’s objectives. Hundreds of thousands of organic farmers across Europe are already leading the way to make agriculture fairer and more sustainable, to preserve of our soils, water and biodiversity, and to the regenerate rural areas. They count on you to ensure that the new CAP will properly take into account and support their efforts to make Europe’s agriculture greener while supporting rural communities.

With Kind regards,

Eduardo Cuoco

IFOAM EU Director

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