Vote on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the European Parliaments’ plenary likely to be postponed until after the European elections

A crucial vote on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee was delayed to 2 April. This leaves too little time for a vote in the plenary before the European elections in May, as the two leading committees of the European Parliament (the Agriculture and Environment Committees) have diverging positions. The following Committees already gave their non-binding opinions:  Development, Budgets, Budgetary Control, Regional Development and Women’s rights and Gender Equality.

The new Parliament will have several potential options. One is to take the work that the current legislature has done and go directly to a plenary vote. It could also start again from the legislative proposal. A less likely option is to ask the Commission for a new CAP proposal. The decision will depend largely on political changes following the European elections. Regardless of the outcome, it is unlikely that the Council and the new European Parliament will find an agreement before the end of 2019. We therefore expect a 1-2 year transition period extending the current CAP to go beyond the planned starting date of the new CAP on January 2021.

IFOAM EU will continue to work towards a better CAP. During the parliamentary recess our focus will be on the Council’s work and on supporting Member States with the design of their CAP Strategic Plans.

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