LIVESEED workshops are boosting cooperation in the organic seed sector

In 2019, three regional workshops have already taken place within the framework of the LIVESEED project. During these workshops in the Baltic states (Latvia), Hungary and Spain, participants discussed commitments to foster the availability and use of organic seed in their countries in the coming year. The results of these discussion are a signed “Declaration of Organic Seed.”

The Baltic states already report great progress following the first LIVESEED workshop in January. In Latvia, the organic seed database will improve this year as a result of the workshops. Improvements include adding extended information on organic seed to be produced (species and cultivar), the dates when the seed will be available, and the territories in which seed can be delivered. Lithuania will include organic seed production into the official training offered to organic farmers by the Agency of Rural Business and Market Development.

In Hungary, the workshop brought all stakeholders in the organic sector together for the first time. They committed to strengthen their cooperation, help data sharing, and organise joint initiatives in training.

In Spain, a major result of the workshop is the start of a working group on organic seed at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. This working group will involve the competent authorities, the control bodies, organic producers and seed producers, and other actors in the agri-food chain and representatives of civil society.

Group photo from the workshops in Hungary. Credit: Jade Ducretot, OMKi

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