Update on IFOAM EU’s work on access to land

Learning together about innovative land strategies to strengthen agroecology and the food sovereignty movement in Europe. That is the goal of Erasmus partnership that the European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC), Terre de Liens, IFOAM EU, Urgenci, Eco Ruralis, the Transnational Institute, and the Real Farming Trust launched. The partners will organise a training seminar on local land strategies in September.

IFOAM EU’s members can read the full version of this article on the IFOAM EU member extranet. For more information about membership, contact IFOAMEU_membership [at] ifoam-eu.org (IFOAMEU_membership [at] ifoam-eu.org). For more information about IFOAM EU’s work on access to land, contact isabella.lang [at] ifoam-eu.org (isabella.lang [at]  ifoam-eu.org).

Project meeting in Brussels. Photo credit: Urgenci

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