Connecting thematic networks as knowledge reservoirs: the EURAKNOS project

IFOAM EU is part of the Horizon 2020 EURAKNOS project. It aims to create a network that will strengthen the EU agricultural knowledge base by collecting existing knowledge and best practices from the other 29 existing thematic networks.

Professor Pieter Spanoghe from Ghent University is Coordinator of the project. He explains: “Thematic networks are a specific type of Horizon 2020 multi-actor projects which collect existing knowledge and best practices on a given theme (smart farming, poultry, crop protection, fruit, etc.) to make it available in easily understandable formats for end users such as farmers, foresters, advisers and others. EURAKNOS can be seen as the network of the networks that will analyse this knowledge to explore the feasibility of creating a modular database that makes this information more accessible to the farming community in a searchable and semi-standardized way.” 

Read the full press release of the project.

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