The organic movement urges the European Commission to act now on new GMOs

Following years of debate about the legal status of new genetic engineering techniques the European Court of Justice clarified the situation in July 2018. It ruled that plants made from new techniques are GMOs and must be regulated as GMOs. The organic movement welcomed this landmark decision.

It is crucial that the European Commission and all members states now implement this decision. No new GMOs should be marketed without risk assessment, prior authorization and traceability. In that regard, the work of the next European Commission that will be appointed end of 2019 will be decisive. That is why IFOAM EU and 23 other organizations sent a letter to all Spitzenkandidaten on 17 May. In this letter the signees urge them not to give in to strong pressure from biotechnology companies and open the existing EU legislation developed to protect human health and the environment.

IFOAM EU also co-signed a letter with 27 other organisations sent to Vice President Katainen on 22 May. The current European Commission is currently establishing the work programme of the next Commission. The 28 signatories clearly remind the European Commission than any attempt to modify the current process-based GMO legislation and the seed legislation to exempt GMOs derived from new techniques would be unacceptable.

For more information about IFOAM EU’s work on GMOs, contact pauline.verriere [at] (pauline.verriere [at]

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