Call for contributions to the Organic World Congress 2020 open 15 April-30 September!

“From its roots, organic inspires life” –  Submit your contribution  between 15 April and 30 September 2019 and take part in the world’s biggest organic food and farming conference in Rennes, France 21-27 September 2020!

Every three years, the emblematic IFOAM Organic World Congress (OWC) is held in conjunction with the General Assembly. At this event thousands of organic farmers, producers, researchers, advocates and policy experts from around the world gather.

By rotating across countries, the OWC brings global visibility to the host country. The Congress aims to provide organic and likeminded stakeholders working toward sustainable agriculture, value chains, and consumption with an opportunity to trade knowledge, innovations, and experiences about the organic world. The congress offers inspiration and momentum to all who take part and is seen as a leading event for the global organic sector.

If you want to contribute to the OWC, please submit your contribution via the online platform by September 30, 2019. Pre-conference applications can be submitted by June 28, 2019. The next Congress will take place in Rennes, France from 21-27 September 2020.

Organic World Congress 2020

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