All techniques of genetic modification must be regulated: IFOAM EU’s new publication available in all European languages

In July 2018, the European Court of Justice issued its long-awaited decision that states that plants modified with new techniques of genetic modification like CRISPR/Cas9 must be regulated under the GMOs legislation. The organic movement had welcomed this decision, contrary to the biotech industry which is strongly pushing for a revision of the European GMO legislation, namely reopening of the Directive 2001/18.

Such a deregulation would lead to the exclusion of these new genetic engineering techniques from risk assessment, traceability and labelling. Consequently, it would be a breach of European consumer’s right to know what is in their food, as well as the loss of the organic sectors ability to avoid GMOs contaminations in its produce.

IFOAM EU is pleased to officially publish our new leaflet, which gets you up to speed with what is at stake regarding this issue. Furthermore, the leaflet touches upon the policy recommendations of the organic sector, which, among other things, urges the Commission to maintain the existing EU legislation and to implement the ECJ decision concerning new GMOs immediately.

Read the new leaflet in all official European languages.


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