‘Organic’ in the Commission’s proposal on market transparency

On 22 May, the European Commission published a legislative proposal on market transparency. This proposal strives to increase and improve market transparency across the supply chain and foster effective conditions of competition along the chain. It wants to achieve this by introducing and enhancing existing price reporting. This proposal aims to enhance the position of producers and weaker actors in the supply chain. Read more in the Commission’s press release.

IFOAM EU took part in a public consultation by the European Commission.

For the first time, the Commission proposes that data be collected on a range of organic products, and IFOAM EU very much welcomes this positive step.

IFOAM EU’s members can read more about this legislative proposal and the next steps in the full version of this article on the IFOAM EU member extranet.

For more information about membership, contact IFOAMEU_membership [at] ifoam-eu.org (IFOAMEU_membership [at] ifoam-eu.org). For more information about IFOAM EU’s work on market transparency and fairness in the supply chain,silvia.schmidt [at] ifoam-eu.org ( contact silvia.schmidt [at]  ifoam-eu.org).

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