Engaging various senses is key to a successful farm demo

Together with the NEFERTITI project partners IFOAM EU visited the Organic Field Days in Germany on July 3, 2019. The goal of the visit was to explore the demonstration activities related to arable cropping and horticulture and tease out what works best. The demonstration of crop rotations for the new or converting farmers was among the most insightful demo activities of the day. The technique developed by an organic adviser is simple yet powerful: the crops that could be used in crop rotations are grown in buckets, making it easier to visualize possible rotations in action and the nuances of each crop. The buckets can be transported by the advisor for spontaneous demos and by changing places of the buckets, one can visualize the whole crop rotation succession in one go. Engaging multiple senses - sight, touch, smell, hearing - while talking about the crop varieties allows for meaningful discussions between the participants. It also gives new ideas to farmers who want to enhance their crop rotations. Interested to hear about other best practices in demonstrations? Then check out the Demo Design Guide at FarmDemo webstie and follow the NEFERTITI project.


Ifoam eu is learning about demonstration activities at the Organic Field days in Kassel together with the Nefertiti project partners at oeko-feldtagen.de


Visualizing crop rotations in buckets helps organic farmers discuss the nuances of rotations and find the best solutions together.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 727388 (PLAID), No. 728061 (AgriDemo-F2F) and No. 772705 (NEFERTITI)

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