Bringing the organic food industry together at IFOAM EU meets business, 3 December 2019, Brussels, Belgium

The second edition of “IFOAM EU meets business - Bringing the organic food industry together” will take place on 3 December in Brussels, Belgium. With this event, IFOAM EU continues its series of ‘IFOAM EU meets business’ events which bring together IFOAM EU and companies involved in organic.

First and foremost, this event is a platform for exchange between IFOAM EU and companies interested in organic. The agenda of this event currently foresees ample time to exchange on topics such as the organic regulation and its secondary legislation, as well as certification and integrity of the food supply chain. By December we will have a more detailed idea of the texts of the secondary legislation. Possible subtopics are flavouring, controls and labelling.
More information about the event can be found via the registration link as well as on IFOAM EU's website. Should you have any additional questions please contact Silvia Schmidt at [at]


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