Interregional cooperation to design regional organic action plans - SME Organics final event on 2 December, Brussels, Belgium

The SME Organics project will come to an end on 2 December 2019. It allowed regional partners from all over Europe to develop Regional Organic Action Plans through tailored funding and policy mixes. By mobilising stakeholders in all participating regions and exchanging experience the project will stimulate the growth of organic Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), resulting in high quality food production, job creation, environmental protection and animal welfare.

The final event in Brussels will feature the lessons learnt over the past four years. This event will highlight the role of European interregional cooperation for designing Regional Organic Action Plans. These plans support the growth of organic SMEs by combining of multiple policy instruments. All project partner regions and the expert supporting partner will participate to the event.

The first part of the event will be dedicated to a keynote speech by Nicolas Lampkin from Thünen Institute. He will provide an overview of the organic sector in the European Union.  A representative of the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) will then present the Interreg Europe Programme and how it can support policy learning amongst different regions of the EU. Followingly, the project partners will dive deeper into the role of interregional cooperation and the impact of multi-funded Regional Action Plans for supporting the growth of the organic sector in two panel sessions.

The SME Organics project was funded within the framework of the Interreg Europe Programme and will come to an end on 2 December 2019. The Final Event will be held in Brussels, as a pre-event to TP OrganicsOrganic Innovation Days. The project partner regions are Navarre (ES), Puglia (IT), Lombardy (IT), New Aquitaine (FR), Aargau (CH), North-West (RO), Lodzkie Region (PL), Seinäjoki (FI). The expert supporting partner is IFOAM EU (BE).

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