Organic Innovation Days 2019: engaging discussions on research & innovation to transform of our food systems & launch of organic research priorities

What are the research priorities and needs of the organic sector in the EU? How can we transition our food and farming sector with the help of organic and agroecological principles?

The Organic Innovation Days 2019 answered these and more questions, TP Organics’ annual Organic Innovation Days welcomed a broad range of stakeholders of the organic sector on 3-4 December 2019 in Brussels. The Organic Innovation Days are a public event that brings together companies and researchers, farmers and farmer organisations, and policymakers. This year’s 5th edition of the event took place in collaboration with the LIAISON and XF-ACTORS projects, and with support of Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing.

The highlights of Day I of the event included a keynote speech by Alexander Wezel (ISARA), one of the key thinkers on agroecology in Europe, presenting pathways towards a diversified and resilient food system. Vincenzo Verrastro (IAMB) presented the latest findings of the XF-ACTORS project on the control of the bacteria Xylella Fastidiosa disease in organic olive production and Birgit Wassermann (Graz University of Technology) presented the importance of the plant microbiome and its interdependence with human, animal and ecosystem health. Day I ended with an award ceremony to celebrate the 15 ambassadors of the EU Rural Innovation Contest that were selected by the LIAISON project for their innovative and inspiring activities in the agricultural, forestry and agri-food sector (video explanation). Among them are the Green Workshop Wendland (DE) and Race de Bretagne (FR), the two ambassadors who received a special recognition from TP Organics for their strong outlook on the future and their focus on young farmers and sustainability.

On Day II, Raffaele Zanoli (Università Politecnica delle Marche) announced the launch of TP Organics’ new Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda for Organics & Agroecology. The Agenda identified 29 research priority topics that will help address Europe’s food and farming challenges. The document will serve as a basis to advise the European Commission on Horizon Europe, the EU’s next research & innovation framework programme to succeed Horizon 2020. The full version of the agenda, a summary and a briefing on Horizon Europe are available in the Publications section of TP Organics’ website.
The event ended with the Stakeholder Forum that united together TP Organics’ members to, among others, appoint a new Steering Committee. Find all speakers’ presentations and a detailed review on TP Organics’ website.

Bram Moeskops and the two LIAISON ambassadors who received a special recognition from TP Organics (Green Workshop Wendland (left) & Race de Bretagne (right))

This event is co-financed by the LIFE programme of the European Union, under the Executive Agency for Small and Medium- sized Enterprises (EASME). The sole responsibility lies with IFOAM EU. The EASME is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information provided.


This event is financed by the XF-ACTORS and LIAISON projects. The XF-ACTORS project received funding under grant agreement No 727987 and the LIAISON project under No 773418, from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

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