Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) negotiations enter a new phase in European Parliament and Council

As Member States are close to reach a deal on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Parliament’s Committee for Agriculture now has a list of articles to reopen, the CAP negotiations are entering a new crucial phase.

Ongoing discussions on money for agriculture in the EU budget (future MFF)
The negotiations between Member States on the next seven-years-budget, the so-called MFF, are entering a new phase. The Finnish Presidency proposed to dedicate 1.07% of the EU’s Gross National Income (GNI) to agriculture. This is less that the Commission’s proposal of 1.114% and the Parliament’s request to increase from the current 1.0% to 1.3% of EU GNI. But while the overall budget is smaller than the Commission’s proposal, the budget for agriculture might receive a substantial increase. Member States suggested to increase the budget for rural development by €10 billion compared to the initial figures. These suggestions still need to be agreed with the co-legislators, but this Council position shows that Member States are now ready to go more into the details of the scope and allocations of CAP instruments.

New scope for discussions at European Parliament
On Wednesday 4 December, Members of the European Parliament in charge of the CAP legislative proposals decided on the scope of the new negotiations. After the elections in May 2019, the European Parliament Committees on Agriculture and Rural Development (COMAGRI) and Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (COMENVI) coordinators decided that several articles would be reopened. This would allow newcomers to express their views on the most debated topics such as eco-schemes, ringfencing, and second pillar interventions dedicated to climate and environment. After lengthy discussions on which articles and points to reopen, rapporteurs and shadow-rapporteurs found a consensus on the three CAP files on Wednesday morning.

In terms of procedure, COMAGRI and COMENVI teams are now going to have common shadows meetings, but ENVI shadows will attend the meetings in an observer capacity only. The Plenary adoption of the CAP regulations is expected by June 2020.

IFOAM EU will continue to represent the organic movement’s position on this important file. Are you an IFOAM EU member and do you have any question about this? Contact lena.brisset [at] (lena.brisset [at]

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