What was the Vision & Strategy process like?

We started building our shared future in 2013 and now is the time to start making it happen. The journey to this point has included:

September 2017-onwards: sharing strategic initiatives that already work towards the Vision
With the launch of a new online space euorganic2030.bio at the Congress in Estonia, IFOAM EU invites food & farming actors to share current initiatives already happening throughout Europe that demonstrate how policymakers and stakeholders work together to inspire others. Check out the leading examples and / or submit yours!

5-7 September 2017: 11th European Organic Congress – Transforming food and farming: Making it happen
This Congress looks at concrete strategies that stakeholders and policymakers can use to reach the European Organic Vision 2030, with the launch of a roadmap for making it happen.

December 2016-January 2017: Online public consultation on the Roadmap to Sustainable Food & Farming Systems
Through IFOAM EU-led workshops in the framework of the Vision 2030 process many of you suggested ways in which the food & farming sector, civil society & policy makers can bring forward the changes. The goal of the consultation was to align the actions and identify relevant strategic initiatives that already work towards making the Vision a reality.

4-6 April 2016: 10th European Organic Congress – Transforming food and farming through organics
Building on the Congress in Riga, the European organic movement focused on developing practical strategies to move organics further and shape the EU market and policy developments so critical to transforming food and farming in the short to medium-term.

11-13 June 2015: 9th European Organic Congress – Designing our Future
The European organic movement got together to start making our vision a reality/ground our vision in strategy and action. At the congress we launched our coherent and viable mid-term strategy development process to propel the organic movement in Europe to 2030.

April-June 2015: Final online public consultation
A European-wide online consultation helped us to define our vision set the basis for the development of a strategy for organic in Europe.

10-13 February 2015: Expert workshop at BioFach
At the workshop at BioFach 2015 we explored shared viewpoints of organic stakeholders The results of the analysis of participants’ statement were discussed and helped us identify two major visions and set the basis for their further refinement.

November 2014: Expert workshop
Experts from the organic sector shared their visions of the potential scenarios for the external context in which organic food and farming in Europe will operate in the next 15 years.

July-August 2014: Six-week online consultation of organic minded stakeholders
Stakeholders shared their perspectives on the key challenges for organic, their ideas about the greatest strengths and limitations of the organic sector, as well as trends and developments that could have an impact on organics. Read more in Stakeholders opinion: current state of organics and visions for 2030.

8 November 2013: Kick-off event – Build the European Organic Future
The kick-off event aimed at collecting first input from organic stakeholders. During several workshops, we found that one of the unique selling points of organic it its holistic approach. We also agreed that the sector is strong because – among other – the good connection between the parts of the sum, our diversity and of course – the delivery of high quality products.
Revisit the programme of the kick-off event and read the summary report to learn more.