What we do

IFOAM EU organic regulation
Our core activity is to represent organic interests in Europe. We do this through advocacy at all levels on the complete range of topics related to the organic regulation.
IFOAM EU vision 2030
Where does the organic movement want to be in 2030? What can we deliver to the society? And most importantly, how will we do so? You are part of the answer to these questions. Participate in our vision process and shape the future of organics.
Mind the CAP events
In order to make agriculture and rural development in Europe greener and fairer, we advocate for a fundamental shift to full sustainability of our food and farming systems based on agro-ecological approaches.
Seed - Overview seed
We fight for for policy frameworks that enable organic breeders, farmers and gardeners to contribute to the development of plant genetic diversity.
GMO - field with crops
We call for a moratorium on the cultivation of GMOs and actively work for GMO-free agriculture in Europe.
A farmer stands in a field with a pitchfork
The principle of fairness, one of the guiding principles of organic agriculture stipulates that “organic agriculture should build on relationships that ensure fairness with regard to the common environment and life opportunities”.
Food, farming and environment
We work with like-minded organisations to generate a legislative framework that promotes farming practices benefiting the environment and society.
IFOAM EU research and innovation
The European Union has put innovation at the heart of its strategy for achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Organic food and farming can contribute greatly to meeting these objectives.
IFOAM EU events - 8th European Organic Congress
Join us at organic fairs and conferences across Europe.