Organic Action Plans can help organic SMEs and the European agri-food sector to develop in a more holistic way that stimulates high quality food production, rural job creation, environmental protection, climate action and animal welfare. They do this by providing a framework for integrating different policies into a broader policy picture, and setting common objectives, targets and actions that serve the organic sector’s needs and meet public policy goals in a specific country or region.

SME ORGANICS brings together regional governments, development agencies, organic food and farming, enterprise bodies, universities and research institutes from eight regions across Europe over a 4-year period 2016-2020. As part of a participatory learning process, partners and stakeholders exchange and share experiences of best practices for devising Organic Action Plans. The development of these action plans covers areas such as production and processing, commercialisation and marketing, training and advice, and organic value chain efficiency and governance, that can support the competitiveness and sustainability of organic SMEs in their region.



For further information on using action plans to develop organics, read the second edition of 'Organic Action Plans - Development, Implementation and evaluation' and get inspired about what best practices the participating regions are using to develop organics.

Discover what the SME Organics project has achieved in the past two years and learn how it will support and promote organic farming in the coming years in the project video:

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For more information about the project, please read the SME ORGANICS brochure and visit the project website.

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