Ziegler - Organisation of the Month

Ziegler Natural ProductsIFOAM EU’s organisation of the month is Ziegler, a company active in importing and processing organic food ingredients and mineral raw materials for non-food. Among its food activities, Ziegler focusses on organic growing projects in Peru and Bolivia, importing raw material, wholesale, specialised cereal processing, packaging, quality management, laboratory services and customer support.

For the owner of Ziegler, Christof Götz, it speaks for itself that green businesses have a positive impact on the endangered future of the planet. He puts it the following way: “We as a company want to contribute to the development of an alternative world economy based on social standards and sustainability. We support IFOAM EU to strengthen their efforts in promoting organic as the only form of sustainable agriculture and food production in a global public.”

Ziegler & Co. GmbH is based in Wunsiedel, Germany – just a stone’s throw from BioFach metropolis of Nuremberg. The company started in 2003 with the management of certified organic growing projects for quinoa and amaranth in Peru and Bolivia. Founder and director Christof Götz set up these projects with organic farmers cooperatives. The direct collaboration with theses small-scale agricultural cooperatives complies with the principles of fair trade relations.