Organic Wine

In 2012, new EU rules were adopted allowing for organic wines to be produced and labelled with the new EU organic logo. Previously, wine could only be labelled as "made of organic grapes."

During the process of drafting the legislation, IFOAM EU gathered experts' opinions and provided input to the European Commission on topics relevant to organic wine growers and producers. A position representing the organic sector, including a compromise on the acceptable level of sulphites worked out with European Organic Wine Carta, was picked up by the European Commission and included in the final legislation (Regulation (EU) No 203/2012).

IFOAM EU continually monitors the development of equivalency agreements and authorisation of certification bodies allowing EU organic wines to be exported and third-country organic wines to be imported.

Increased information exchange will help lead to a common interpretation of the legislation. Additional research on organic wine production and producers' experience under the new organic rules will contribute to the growth of the sector and regulation that fosters its development.