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Organic Regulations

IFOAM  EU welcomes the agreement on a new Fertiliser Regulation 22 January 2019

European Parliament’s plenary adopts the new EU organic regulation. Implementing and delegated acts require joint efforts 19 April 2018

Strong Institutional commitment needed to ensure a good legislative transition 22 November 2017

Provisional agreement reached - impact on organic operators to be evaluated 29 June 2017

Organic regulation review: no deal is better than a bad deal 13 June 2017

Organic regulation negotiations, time for a change 8 June 2017

Strong disagreement among EU agriculture ministers on organic regulation review – new start needed 13 December 2016

Public statement: The organic regulation review has reached a dead end – we need a new start 9 December 2016

Organic regulation negotiations, is the end near? 4 July 2016

Constructive approach needed in the organic regulation negotiations 23 May 2016

Moving in the right direction with Parliament vote on organic, but obstacles still remain 13 October 2015

Agri council on organic: reasonable compromise took up many sector demands 16 June 2015

EU policies should support organic production and consumption 11 June 2015

Latest Council compromise: Risk of less harmonised rules for organic in EU 10 June 2015

IFOAM EU at informal Council: We need an organic growth agenda for Europe 2 June 2015

EU Parliament draft report on organic regulation, going in the right direction 26 May 2015

Organic regulation proposal: No agreement without the organic sector 11 May 2015

Major EU farmer and farm worker representatives call on Council to safeguard the future of organic production in Europe 5 May 2015

Ministers display a diversity of opinions on organic 16 March 2015

Don't rush regulation 13 March 2015

EU Organic Regulation must support sector development, not hamper its growth 11 February 2015

Council backs organic sector demands and Commission changes its approach to a new organic regulation 15 December 2014

EU Parliament questions legal proposal for a new EU organic regulation 3 December 2014

8th European Organic Congress: Key EU policy-makers agree: Organic is a key sector to develop in Europe 10 September 2014

Ministers question organic regulation proposal 14 July 2014

Organic sector concludes organic regulation proposal is inadequate 6 May 2014

Controversial Overhaul of EU Organic Regulation Raises Red Flags 17 April 2014

Information on the EU organic regulation and action plan proposals 26 March 2014

Towards a new policy framework for organic farming – good aims but many open questions 24 March 2014

IFOAM EU position on the organic regulation review 14 January 2014

7th European Organic Congress: Lithuanian EU Presidency – Opportunity to build on the success of organic 3 July 2013

IFOAM EU welcomes the Commission’s new head of unit for organic farming
and bids farewell and thanks to his predecessor
2 July 2012

Commission report on Organic Regulation highlights achievements and future opportunities 14 May 2012

IFOAM EU welcomes approval of EU organic wine rules 8 February 2012
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Vision 2030

Organic cities & IFOAM EU join forces to bring organic on every table in Europe 15 February 2018

Transforming food and farming: European organic movement launches its vision for 2030 15 June 2015

Common Agriculture Policy and Rural Development

IFOAM EU calls for a target of 20% organic land in the EU 13 February 2020

New IFOAM EU report highlights the role of CAP Eco-schemes to incentivise sustainable farming practices 10 February 2020

The organic movement calls for a more ambitious CAP reform 02 April 2019

Organic farmers call for a well-funded and more ambitious CAP 19 March 2019

Eco-schemes in the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) can maximise environmental and climate benefits 30 January 2019

Organic movement asks for higher environmental ambition in new CAP 1 June 2018

New IFOAM EU President: "New CAP should reward public goods" 16 May 2018

A new payment model for the Common Agriculture Policy – new report 4 April 2018

IFOAM EU calls for a clear EU framework for an ambitious CAP reform 20 March 2018

Member States must set out concrete solutions to deliver an ambitious CAP reform 29 January 2018

CAP Communication: EU agriculture needs clearer direction for long-term sustainability 29 November 2017

Working together towards sustainable farming systems across Europe – 11th European organic congress 5 September 2017

Public consultation results: a modernised cap needs sustainability at its heart 7 June 2017

Ecological focus areas pesticides-free, but how green will the next CAP be? 14 June 2017

150 civil society groups call for reform of European agricultural policies 6 March 2017

CORK 2.0 Declaration: Strong political commitment on public goods payments needed to turn words into reality 6 September 2016

CAP not delivering public goods promised 15 July 2016

MEPs rubber stamp a CAP without ambition 20 November 2013

COMAGRI vote limits possibilities for a greener and fairer CAP 30 September 2013

CAP lacks strong and credible steps towards sustainability"26 June 2013

CAP Trilogues must consider potential of organic farming 24 April 2013

CAP trilogues must lead to a greener and fairer CAP 10 April 2013

Farm Ministers undermine potential for a greener and fairer CAP 20 March 2013

Missed chance: MEPs fail to use new powers for a real CAP reform 13 March 2013

More than 270 civil society organizations call for a CAP reform that supports
sustainable farming and rural areas - not business as usual
28 February 2013

EU leaders must guarantee a greener and fairer future for Europe’s farming and rural areas 6 February 2013

COMAGRI position on CAP reform is a vote against agricultural sustainability 23 January 2013

EU leaders must raise ambitions to make the future CAP sustainable 19 December 2012

IFOAM EU highlighted role of organic farming in EU Informal Rural Development Directors' meeting 27 September 2012

Hundreds join Good Food March in Brussels for radical farming reform 19 September 2012

Ministers must push real CAP reform to protect EU water and soil resources 10 September 2012

European Parliament must raise level of ambition to increase sustainability across EU farming 19 June 2012

Good Food, Good Farming: Let’s march to Brussels! 30 May 2012
By Arche Noah, Via Campesina, European Environmental Bureau, IFOAM EU and Slow Food

50 years of the European Agricultural Policy: Time for change say civil society groups 23 January 2012

Biodiversity objectives must be part of a reformed CAP 20 December 2011


EU Parliament, national governments and civil society organizations against patents on plants and animals 1 October 2019

No Patents on Seeds: Animals are not an invention of the feed industry! 20 July 2016

Organic farmers urge Commission to ban patents on seeds 17 May 2016

European Patent office revokes Monsanto Patent on Melons 20 January 2016

Don’t tow corporate line on seed: MEPs must protect public good  27 November 2013

Seed legislation must be fit for agro - biodiversity 6 May 2013

European citizens must stand up for diversity on our plates! 12 July 2012

Seed diversity decline must urgently be stopped 24 May 2012
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By Arche Noah, Via Campesina, European Environmental Bureau, IFOAM EU and Slow Food


Organic food and farming movement asks for immediate action on new genetic engineering techniques 7 November 2019

The organic movement calls to maintain and correctly implement the GMO legislation 24 July 2019

IFOAM EU welcomes the European Court of Justice decision that new genetic engineering techniques will be regulated as GMOs 25 July 2018

European Court of Justice Advocate General misses the opportunity to clarify the legal status of new genetic engineering techniques 18 January 2018

The Organic food and farming movement calls for the regulation of new genetic engineering technques as GMOs 15 January 2018

The Organic movement calls for the regulation of new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs 27 September 2017

Member States still reject GMO cultivation 27 March 2017

EU Parliament objects to new GMO authorisations 6 October 2016

EU Parliament opposes import of three herbicide-resistant GM crops 3 February 2016

The organic sector urges the Commission to classify new genetic engineering techniques as GMOs 14 January 2016


Demonstrating strategies for organic and low-input farming to mitigate and adapt to climate change - SOLMACC Layman report 

Fairness & Transparency

Joint press release: Civil society launches a campaign calling on the next Members of the European Parliament to make Europe more sustainable and fair by 2024 15 April 2019

Taxation can be a tool towards true cost accounting according to new study 10 April 2019

Joint press release: An important step closer to a fairer food chain for everyone 12 March 2019

The organic food and farming movement welcomes the agreement on Unfair Trading Practices – A first step towards protecting the weakest actors in the food chain 19 December 2018

IFOAM EU and others welcome the AGRI vote on UTPs 1 October 2018

Coalition statement on the IMCO vote on UTPs 24 September 2018

Joint statement on UTPs ahead of SCA 7 September 2018

The organic food and farming movement supports putting an end to unfair trading practices 6 September 2018

Unfair Trading Practices: new proposal is a step forward but promoting fairness in the whole chain remains a challenge 12 April 2018

Key step taken to end human suffering in EU supermarket supply chains 12 April 2018

The EU Commission’s health and consumers department caves in to farmers and industry lobby request to allow the spread of highly dangerous pest 12 March 2012

No space for fraud in organic production: tighter controls are bearing fruit 8 December 2011

Farm, Food & Environment

IFOAM EU welcomes landmark decision to put organic at the heart of future European food system 20 May 2020

The organic movement and the international biocontrol manufacturers call for better regulation of natural origin plant protection technologies 16 January 2020

Organic food and farming calls for agroecology to be at the heart of the farm to fork strategy 9 December 2019

Improving inputs in organic farming - new Horizon 2020 project ‘RELACS’ started 30 May 2018

Agriculture should pay its part to prevent climate change 26 April 2017

Effort Sharing Decision - Agriculture should play its part in emissions reduction, says organic farming 20 July 2016

Council conclusions on EU Biodiversity Strategy need to follow with targeted actions and investment 17 December 2015

Earth to Paris: The organic movement calls for an end to high-emitting industrial farming practices 27 November 2015

Feeding the people: global agri-food system needs fundamental change 29 September 2015

Response to article claiming organic farming has increased carbon emissions 4 August 2015

New research shows risk of including land use and forests in EU's emission target 16 June 2015

New handbook guides organic farmers through biogas investment process 14 February 2014

Further information required on hen density scandal 26 February 2013

Policy makers must bring green economy to the mainstream 30 November 2012

EU water blueprint must lead to a "blue" and sustainable CAP 26 November 2012

Future EU promotional policy must focus on sustainability 21 November 2012

No EU budget cuts at the expense of farming sustainability 15 November 2012

EU leaders need to put environmental leadership into effect 11 June 2012

Crop rotation and increased legume cultivation are essential for future farming 30 May 2012

State of soils requires policy action to ensure future food security 13 February 2012

Research and Innovation

Sharing knowledge and tools for organic farming - Organic Farm Knowledge platform has new design and content 15 February 2019

New project launched for organic pig and poultry farmers to find solutions for 100% use of organic and regional feed 22 January 2017

Internet of Things gets closer to your plate 11 January 2017

New platform for farmers to find organic solutions and exchange knowledge launched 3 October 2016

New Horizon 2020 Work Programme: a first step but more ambition needed 14 October 2015

Organic research and innovation platform, TP Organics, officially recognized by European Commission 16 July 2013

EIP must recognise the innovative potential of organic farming 29 February 2012


The European Days of Action: Citizens across Europe Call for Urgent Change of Food and Farming 23 October 2018

The future of food & farming is fair and green: for a CAP & supply chain rewarding sustainable farmers - 25 September 2018 

Working together towards sustainable farming systems across Europe – 11th European organic congress 5 September 2017

The future of organic food processing: Sustainability - Quality - Integrity 27 November 2012

Organic farming must be at the heart of CAP reform 17 April 2012

The future of food and farming needs a broad societal consensus February 2012

6th European Organic Congress: Smart change - towards a sustainable CAP 12 January 2012


Organic movement at the helm of two Civil Dialogue Groups 16 October 2018

The EU needs a blueprint for food and farming, finds new academic report 24 May 2018

Change of Director at IFOAM EU 8 April 2016

Strong Board & President for a strong European Organic Movement  4 April 2016

New Board for a new era at IFOAM EU 13 February 2014