Research & Innovation

The EU has put innovation at the heart of its strategy for achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. European Institutions are now deciding how to allocate funding and the choices made now will definitively shape the future of the agriculture and food sector in Europe through the promotion of certain practices over others. Organic food and farming can greatly contribute to meeting the EU objectives. They provide highly sustainable products and the market for such products is expanding rapidly.

Organic approaches must therefore receive high priority on the research & innovation agendas of the EU and Member States. IFOAM EU built a broad and strong coalition by joining forces with civil society organisations, researchers, farmers and companies. Together they established TP Organics, the technology platform for organic food & farming, which identifies innovation goals for organic and promotes these towards policy makers. The aim is to leverage the organic sector’s environmental and societal benefits, including by contributing to innovative sustainable approaches in the wider agricultural sector.

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