Vision & strategy until 2030

As organic moves beyond a niche, the organic movement needs to take stock of what organic has become and what the future holds for us all. The movement needs to be prepared to cope with future political developments, environmental challenges and market trends. IFOAM EU has led a participatory vision and strategy process to prepare the movement to proactively face the future.

By 2030 the organic movement works for fair, environmentally conscious, healthy and caring food and farming systems across Europe in line with three pillars:

Organic on every table
Improve – Inspire – Deliver
Fair play – Fair pay

To make this a reality we have put together an organic roadmap to sustainable food and farming systems in Europe. This Roadmap provides an overview of what IFOAM EU, food & farming actors and policy-makers can do to reach our vision by 2030.

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Transforming food & farming - An organic vision for Europe in 2030 slideshow

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