Objectives and activities

The project aims to strengthen GMO-free organic food production by organising and supporting the organic movement in its efforts to develop practical strategies to stay GMO free.

To achieve this goal, we are going to:

  • Identify status quo and future needs, and discuss strategies  to organise supply of specific GMO-free inputs
  • In depth discussions of national and regional situations and in the different GM-free supply chain sector
  • Publish practical guidelines to avoid GMO contaminations in the food chain

The project also aims to develop positions and coordinate advocacy work for a legal framework that provides food chain operators with better conditions to remain GMO-free at a reasonable price by:

  • Analysing of the current legal framework and an outlook on potential changes
  • Assessment of the socio-economic impacts of the cultivation and use of GMOs in the EU on the organic food chain
  • Advocacy work within the EU institutions for a better GMO regulation that meet the demands of the GM-free sector


For further information, contact Pauline Verrière: pauline.verriere [at] ifoam-eu.org