Stakeholder participation

The roundtable: will gather 20-25 organic and non-GMO sector stakeholders, NGO representatives and EU regions working on food production and prevention of GMO contamination. The objective of the roundtable is to  give strategic input to specific challenges on the prevention of GMO contamination in the food chain.


The working groups: the roundtable is divided in working groups. These working groups gather members of the roundtable and other expertises that assess the state of play of specific issues regarding GMO contamination across the food chain and decide the key questions that will be discussed in the thematic workshops. The outcomes of these groups will be presented in the thematic workshops and in roundtable meetings.


Thematic workshops: for in-depth discussions of specific topics and on the alternatives to strength the capacity to stay GM-free. . These thematic workshops will take place in different countries across Europe and it will include specific section to assess the situation at regional level with national/regional stakeholders and administration.Stakeholders from the roundtable and other expertise can also participate.